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Beautiful bathrooms. Vision, realised.

Arguably the most important room in the house – and often the smallest – is your bathroom. Or your shower room. Or your wet room. Or your loo. With that top billing your bathroom (default term) should be spectacular. But without specialist knowledge and the edge that interior design specialists bring, creating your dream bathroom is far from easy, if nigh impossible.

Small rooms tend to need real attention to detail, particularly ones where you may be sitting for a while : ). Accurate site measurements are a must. Drainage can be challenging. Even if you fancy yourself as a bit of a plumber, or if you can tile a room or if you can carry a hod –and you’re an electrician to boot, the bathroom of your dreams may still be beyond your grasp. Engaging with a professional really is a must.

Vision. That’s what you need. And that’s what JAAI can bring. In spades. Or in sinks (ooops – basins). When it comes to your home, JAAI are used to making your dreams a reality…

We’ve created beautiful bathrooms in all shapes and sizes, to all budgets, in all kinds of properties. We’ve worked on straightforward projects in new builds, and on complex projects in old builds. And vice versa. We have a lot of experience working in traditional properties with difficult drainage issues, as well as bathroom remodelling in more contemporary properties. And we’re equally comfortable taking on a master bathroom, an ensuite, a small cloakroom or simply a humble loo.

At JAAI not only do we provide a pre site design consultation service, but we can also bring on our trades to carry out the works. We create compelling interiors across Scotland providing an end-to-end service – from discussing your design ideas and giving you access to a wide range of sanitary ware and tile suppliers, to full project implementation and management.  We’ve worked with Jonny Mitchell at Concept Remodelling for over 10 years. Jonny’s knowledge of bathrooms (and kitchens!) and his professional eye for detail means that the works are consistently carried out to a very high standard. So if you want, you can pretty much sit back and enjoy the ride.

Bringing all of the above together for your bathroom renovation and ensuring you avoid any costly mistakes is very important and not everyone can do that for you. But, perhaps most importantly, empathy is the key to success – it helps us understand you, what you’re looking for, what will work both functionally and aesthetically and what might work better. We only know what makes people tick if we listen to them. And you’ll find a very sympathetic ear at JAAI. If it’s at all possible, we’ll make your schedule and your budget work. And you’ll end up with a beautiful bathroom.

A picture tells a thousand words. We’ve peppered this blog with lots of pictures of beautiful JAAI bathrooms. You can see how different they all are. We absolutely encourage you to let your own style, your personality shine through. In fact, we insist on it! Even in the smallest room in the house.

So check out our gallery above and below. All very different, all equally beautiful. If don’t want to take our word for it, we can put you in touch with any number of satisfied customers…