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Not sure how to fill that awkward space in a room? Get a chair!

Chairs are a great way of filling a corner or a small space. We want our chairs to be comfy but we also like them to make a statement too!

Why not look at upholstering a well loved family chair in a eye-catching, vibrant fabric? An old leather armchair with some fabulous cushions sitting in a corner of a big hallway not only looks great when you come in your front door but gives you another little corner to sit in and read your favourite book.

Look to revitalise traditional styles with new twists, bold colours and different textures. Head to your local charity shop or, better still, auction house. You can still find the odd Parker Knoll, which – when upholstered with a retro geometric fabric – can add a real eclectic hit to any room.

In a sitting room, a small low chair can look great in front of a piece of larger furniture, giving you an extra seat but without taking up too much room.

Likewise, a bedroom chair can look great when positioned in front of a statement mirror.

Pair up your chair with another piece of furniture – a low table, plant or simply a stack of cases or boxes – even it’s just somewhere to put your glass of wine.

Check out some of the ways we have used chairs in our projects to give you new inspiration.